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Johnson Farm Soccer Field Status - A Report from the Caledon Citizen

 Johnston Farm can’t just be for soccer
By Bill Rea (Dec. 16, 2010), Caledon Citizen:

The latest plans call for 17 soccer fields for the Johnston Farm, but hopes are being expressed that other sports will be forgotten. That point was made several times last Wednesday night as the Town hosted a public consultation on the current plans for the property.

The Town has acquired the large property at the corner of King Street and Centreville Creek Road in Albion, with an eye to developing sports facilities there. The public last week got to see the first draft concept plan for the development. Jon Joyce, an associate with The MBTW Group, led the design team. The property consists of about 120 acres, and Joyce said the site is roughly bisected by a creek and surrounding protective buffer. The lands to the northeast of the buffer fall under the Provincial Greenbelt. While he said there will likely be some form of use employed on this portion, the current plans address just the lands to the southwest.

Working with studies conducted in 2009 and a concept plan that under went some tweaking, Joyce said they had come up with a preliminary master plan. Two entrances are planned for the property. One is off Centreville Creek, about 110 metres north of the intersection with King. The other is off King, roughly in the middle of the property. The site will also see an internal road pattern. He said it it will be “organic,” adding the proposed curves in the road lend themselves to the site.

A prominent feature in the plan (which is slated to be placed close to the King-Centreville Creek intersection) is an indoor soccer facility. It’s intended to include a 60-by- 100-metre major soccer field, a pro shop, washrooms, change rooms, spectator seating, management offices, meeting rooms, storage areas, a snack bar, etc., although he said nothing has been designed yet. Next to that would be premier or elite soccer field, 65 by 110 metres. Joyce said it is to have a bluegrass playing surface, along with subdrainage, an automated irrigation system, field lighting and seating.

The current plan also calls for five outdoor major soccer pitches, 60 by 100 metres. Joyce said they would be roughly the same size as the fields at Edelweiss Park in Bolton, and a bit larger than the pitches outside Town Hall in Caledon East. These fields would also include bluegrass, subdrainage, an automated irrigation system, lighting and seating.As well, there are plans for six junior soccer fields, 42 by 70 metres. Joyce said the Town currently doesn’t have any fields like these, adding they are now being mandated by the Ontario Soccer Association. He added three of them are to have lighting. There will also be four mini soccer fields, 40 by 55 metres. They will have irrigation, but no lights.Joyce also said there are plans for a septic bed near the very southwest corner of the property, and the plan is to develop that in conjunction with the indoor facility. There is a barn-type structure on the other side of the creek and buffer. Joyce said it’s not yet known what kind of use that will be put to. A portable field shed is also proposed, and Joyce said it will likely contain a snack bar, picnic pavilion, etc.

Several parking areas are planned. The largest one will be closest to the indoor facility. Joyce said it will be paved because it will be used in the winter and will need to be plowed. There will be a stormwater management facility at the south end of the property, and Joyce said the current plan is to keep a couple of existing hedgerows.  The Town’s Manager of Recreation Development Marc Seguin said there’s no firm timeline for the development of the site, although he said it’s included in the municipality’s 10-year capital plan.


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