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Successful Season For Bolton's U17 Elite Girls!

 Another successful season has concluded for the Bolton under 17 Elite Girls soccer team. Following promotion to the highest level of play in the South Ontario Soccer League last season, the Wanderers set their sights on some key targets during a 3 day pre-season training camp in Alliston and as a result proved worthy Elite Division opponents May through the end of September.   The girls’ first target was to crack the top 20 of the Terra Power Rankings which assess and rank all competitive teams in Ontario.   Two seasons ago, the team ranked 53rd.  Last season – 38th. This season, they’ve climbed up to 18th.  Goal achieved!   

The team’s second target was to enjoy tournament success.   May’s season warm-up tourney was the prestigious COVI in Woodbridge/Vaughan.   The Wanderers not only cured themselves of any pre-season jitters, but played brilliantly to earn themselves a place in the final against Newmarket, a team which placed second in the Elite Division in 2009.   Holding steady at 0-0 until the final minutes of the match, the Wanderers would eventually settle for COVI silver.  

Rochester was next on the tournament schedule, where fitness and physicality would play a major part against American clubs. Bolton took the Gates Tournament in Rochester by storm.  In a thrilling final, the Wanderers took on a team from Chili, New York: 1-1 at the half; 2-1 with five minutes of injury time added - Bolton manages to find an insurance goal with only seconds remaining.  Undefeated with just one goal against and 12 goals for – the Wanderers were true champions in Rochester!   

The Fusion Invitation in Michigan saw more of the same – where the final proved to be only real challenge against Rush Jackson which displayed their domination in early games nearly as well as the Wanderers.  Both teams sported undefeated records: Rush with 12 goals for, 1 against; Bolton with 15 goals for, 0 against.  The teams were to meet in a preliminary match, however organizers realized that regardless of outcome the teams would meet in the final, so the   prelim was immediately dropped in favour of a winner take all championship game.  And, what a match!  A scoreless first-half.  Midway through the second, Bolton struck to take a one goal lead that would stand until the final whistle.  The Wanderers were champions once again!  …Special thanks goes to three quality guest players who contributed to the U.S. victories – Melissa Hurell from the Caledon U15 rep. team (who provided support in Michigan), Amrit Uppal from the Bolton’s U15 Premier squad last year (who played in both tourneys), and Cynthia Chow from Bolton’s U18 Elite team (who played in Michigan).  

Tournament success was one thing.  A good showing the Ontario Cup was also a goal of the Wanderers’ U17 Elite Girls.  Bolton was pitted against Barrie, Kingston, Mississauga Dixie, as well as provincial champions and national championship runners-up, Ajax in a tournament round.  The Wanderers knocked off Kingston 5 -1, Barrie 7-0, and Mississauga Dixie 10-0 before dropping their match against the defending champs from Ajax.  The silver lining: confidence to play a higher level.    

Finally, there’s the regular season and the last target: finish in the top half of the Elite division – a daunting task for a “rookie” Elite division team playing seasoned Elite division clubs.  However, mission accomplished – 4th place overall with an 8 and 6 record – just 9 points from the top of the table.  Coach Vanstone congratulates each individual player for their ongoing commitment, great attitude, passion for play, and for daring to believe!   Thanks also to the parents for their support as well as Sherry Clancy – Team Manager, Rob Fraser – Tournament Manager, and Shelly Croll – Team First-Aider. 

Given the economic challenges that we are all facing, the Wanderers U17 Elite Girls take this opportunity to thank their official sponsors for showing their community support and promoting a healthy lifestyle to youth.  Their generosity has helped bridge the gap between what the girls wish to do and what they can do.  Thank you to primary sponsors, DOM-MERIDIAN CONSTRUCTION and SILVANA TABANI - REMAX REAL-ESTATE.

Girls born in 1993 with great work ethic, a passion to strive for the top and interested in joining the Wanderers are invited to call: 905-880-5576 for further information.


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