The Bolton Wanderers Soccer Club is a membership based not-for-profit company incorporated in the Province of Ontario.

As a registered player, coach or volunteer over the age of 18 you are a member of the Club. If you are the legal guardian of a minor who is registered to the Club you are a member of the Club.

Rights and Obligation of Members

As a member you are entitled to a vote at all Annual General Meetings or any Special General Meetings of the corporation.

  • You are entitled to stand for election under the constitution for positions on the Board of Directors.
  • You are not eligible to enter into contracts or sign or act in the name of the corporation.
  • You are subject to all Club rules, regulations, code of conduct, tolerance policies as well as those of the affiliated associations to which the Club is a part.

The Club has as organizational/operational structure which is shown in this visual.

The members are the Club. The Board of Directors of the Club is elected to operate the Club in the best interest of the corporation and its members.

The Board at their discretion are empowered to act for the organization, set fees and programs, enter into contracts, hire and fire staff and carry out other functions as outlined in the Constitution and Rules & Regulations of the corporation.

The Board of Directors shall on an annual basis p
resent their report to the members in the form of an Annual General Meeting.

The Board of Directors of the corporation are volunteers.

In the diagram the solid blue shapes are representing volunteers while the blue outline shapes are paid staff.

We have a group of referees who report to the Board of Directors.

The Club has established a group of Standing Committees who report to the Board of Directors. These committees can be made of a combination of volunteers and staff and have a Board Member on the committee.
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