2017 Team Coach's List

Competitive Program 2017 - Coaches Contact List 

Bolton Wanderers Soccer Club is proud to offer high quality competitive programs for players as young as 8 years old through to and including adult programs.

Our Team Coaches have made themselves available and are always willing to answer any questions or inquiries as they pertain to their team. Please feel free to contact any member on this list if you have any questions regarding a specific team and if you would like to inquire about any player openings.

We look forward to hearing from you.

2009 Boys Peter K mariannemarinella@rogers.com
2008 Boys Nick Martino nckmartino75@gmail.com
2008 Girls John Muir john.muir@bell.net
2007 Boys Peter Girimonte petergirimonte@gmail.com
2006 Boys Frank Caradeiro coachfrank2006@hotmail.com
2006 Girls Manny Demarco mannydemarco@rogers.com
2005 Boys - White(T) Emilio Vaiano emilio.vaiano@rogers.com
2005 Boys - Blue (D) Sam Gallo samgallo@rogers.com
2004 Boys - White Vito Lisanti vitolisanti@rogers.com
2004 Boys - Blue

Sal Cuzzaniti
2004 Girls Glenn McCausland glennm3976@gmail.com
2003 Boys Nick Aussielo rausiello@morneaushepell.com
2003 Girls Manager - Steph bwscg2003@rogers.com
2002 Boys White (A) Franco Vaiano franco.vaiano@hotmail.com
2002 Boys Blue (B) Martin Campbell martin.campbell@cevalogistics.com
2002 Girls Paul Ginocchi
2001 Girls Rob Masutti robert.masutti@rbc.com
Mike Schlingmann schlinger332@hotmail.com
2000 Boys Paul Kieraszwicz pkierasz@apotex.com
U21 Girls Victoria Hay bgnida@rogers.com


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