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WE PLAY SOCCER IN THE RAIN ! Please come out to the field in any weather and come prepared.  Referees are in charge of the games and it is up to them to call the game.

Game Schedule.  To be able to see your game schedule please go to the registration page and on the left hand side you will see schedule.  Click on that link.  Select your team, select your division and your team games will be laid out for you for the season.


To keep the cost of Soccer affordable for all, we rely on Parent Volunteer Coaches, Assistants and Helpers.  If you would like to take this wonderful opportunity to participate with your child in a memorable experience, sign up to coach, assist or help out on your child's team.  No experience is necessary!  Just the will to have fun, be encouraging and have a whole lot of enthusiasm.  We will support you all the way and help you become a good knowledgeable coach.  House League is for learning not just for players but for coaches and officials too!  It's all about the basics and developing a structured foundation for success.

Sometimes a coach is unable to fulfill their commitment to coach the team.  This may be due to changes in their personal life or their work schedule. It is then up to the parents, of the players on the team, to step up and help out. Two or three parents, working together, results in a successful season for all of the kids and often a fun and rewarding experience for themselves. Teamwork is what we want to promote and instill in our children and it starts with all parents being helpful and supportive.

Remember, it is not necessary to have a strong soccer background to coach recreational house league teams. The best coaches are those who are encouraging, put the kids first and understand that the children sign up to participate and have fun. 


Zero Tolerance Policy:

Harassment of referees, coaches, players and staff will not be tolerated by anyone.  All of our referees are trained and for some this will be their first season; they are also learning so be patient.  If continual problems persist please report it to Discipline send an email to with your concerns.  Under no circumstance should you approach the referees, coaches or players yourself.   Reports of such incidents may be cause for expulsion from the League, the Club and its facilities.  In such cases No refunds will be granted.   

Please Note:  In the best interest of the League, BWSC executive reserves the right to transfer players to other teams after the start of the season and up until the third game of the season in order to balance teams and make fun and fair play for all.  If this should happen, we would appreciate your cooperation.

It is important to remember that House League is recreational soccer and we are all here to have fun, teach good sportsmanship, soccer skills and team spirit. Losing is often a part of life and how we, as parents, choose to handle the experience will reflect on our children, so please, lets teach our children good life lessons. 


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